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In loving memory of our parents

In the loving memory of my father Ch. Khushi Mohamed and my mother Mahmooda Sultana who were the pillar of their home and exemplary people that always welcomed their family, friends, comrads and at times people who were in need of somewhere to stay. My parents taught me the values of hard work and dedication which has been instilled in me. I have a love and passion to provide homes, in an attempt to capture the true essence of my parents excellence and drive to help people. To honour and continue my parents legacy, we proudly launch "KHUSHI HOMES" to provide cheap accommodation solutions, without compromising quality to the Community and people who are in need of a chance to call somewhere 'home' by developing and constructing excellent low cost housing that anyone would be proud to have and cherish. Contact us without hesitation or delay to avoid missing out on a once in a lifetime experience to view the true splendour and exceptional workmanship of our homes. Choose one of our homes, see your aspirations fulfilled and make it your own legacy.