Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant we offer a highly discrete and personalised service that focuses on all aspects of managing your property. In addition to supporting and enhancing the lifestyle available by living in one of the World’s greatest cities

 From the annual service of your boiler through to securing highly sought after tickets to the latest sold out event, we can take care of it all.

Our Services

​Property Maintenance

Keeping a property in good health requires regular observation and maintenance. The maintenance services Anmol offers cover all aspects of a property from the foundations to the roof and everything in between.

Interior Design & Furnishings

Furnishing or interior designing a home can be a challenging and time consuming job. We provide both a comprehensive interior design service for private clients as well as furnishings suitable for either the private home or investment property.

Modernisation & Refurbishment

Many of our clients prefer to spend time at their other addresses and allow us to oversee the work. We liaise with all contractors, managing the project from its inception right through to the final snagging. You return home to a property that is fully refurbished to your specifications, tidy and with your furnishings back in their rightful places.

Gardening & Landscaping

Khushi Homes can provide the gardening and landscaping services that are right for each client from a simple watering of hanging baskets to the total remodelling of a garden.

Property Appraisal

Regular checks of our managed properties are a key part of Anmol's service. We want our clients to be able to relax safe in the knowledge that we are regularly looking over their home to ensure it is safe and secure.

Agent Management

When it comes to selling or renting your home, you can't afford to make mistakes. That's why we offer an estate agent management service. This service is designed to ensure that our clients get the very best out of their chosen estate agent. Whether it's for sales or lettings, we know what gets the deal done.

Purchase & Installation

We can take on the whole purchase and installation process of appliances, electronics and IT equipment on behalf of our clients. All our clients have to do is choose what they want to buy. We can organise the pickup and delivery of goods, ensure they are installed correctly and demonstrate how they operate.

Property Check

When it comes to selling or renting your property, it's important to ensure that your property is presented to maximise its rental or sales potential. The expertise that Anmol provides with a property appraisal can help to ensure the best price is achieved. Our property appraisal service goes hand in hand with our Agent Management Service but can be used independently.

Tenant Management

When renting out your London property, it is important that you not only ensure that the new tenants look after the property, but that the tenants' needs are looked after too. From fast, reactive management of problems to regular checks on the property Anmol ensures that our clients' tenants are kept happy and that their properties are being well maintained.


Whether we are organising the regular weekly clean of a property or the once a year spring clean whilst our client is on holiday, we can take on the responsibility of booking and paying a cleaner as well as providing access to the property. As many of our clients have delicate finishes and valuable possessions, we ensure the cleaning staff are well briefed and thoroughly vetted before commencing work.


One of the most tedious household jobs is laundry. Whether it is sheets, towels or shirts, it seems like a never ending chore. Anmol is able to take the pain out of this for our clients. We can pick up, re-deliver and even put away our client's laundry ensuring the best quality and care.

Mail Watch

Our mail watch service provides our clients with peace of mind that someone is monitoring their mail on a regular basis. Whether we are required to simply monitor the post and flag up important letters, or asked to scan or forward the mail to an alternative address, Anmol can help to ensure our clients never miss an important letter again.


Our home coming service is designed to ensure that when our clients open the front door of their London property after a prolonged absence, they are welcomed by their home. Our home coming service involves the preparation of our clients' property from ensuring the flat or house is warm to filling the fridge and putting fresh sheets on the bed as well as other services.

Car Service

Owning a car in London can be hazardous and costly. MOTs, servicing, tax discs and parking tickets are just some of the things with which Anmol's car service is designed to help.

Key holding

Our key holding service provides 24-hour coverage for the property to cover all types of problems. From alarms to burst water pipes we can be called for all emergencies. Our contact details will also be made available to all neighbours so they can contact us if something is amiss.